Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dancers Dance!

I was listening to Suzanne Vega's new album, 'Tales From The Realm Of The Queen of Pentacles' this morning and one line of 'I Never Wear White' really made me think. Suzanne sings that she doesn't wear white because it's the colour of virgins and rides in the park, she wears black because it's the 'colour of secrets, outlaws and dancers...' and that line took me back to seeing 'A Chorus Line' in the summer last year.

In 'A Chorus Line' Cassie (played by Scarlett Strallen in the revival at the London Palladium last year) sings 'The Music and The Mirror' that starts off with 'God, I'm a dancer and dancers dance'. That's what dancers are for, what they do, they dance. It's the same with any artist - writers, artists, actors, dancers, whatever - since the core of their being is to create and to perform.

This is sort of getting back to the 'who are you?' question I've blogged about before and it's a recurring question for me. If dancers are meant to dance and writers are meant to write and painters are meant to paint then what does that leave for the rest of us mere mortals? It chimes with the 'be whoever you are' message and it affects all of us. I am whoever I decide I am. It's my choice, not yours.

Who are you? Who am I?

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