Saturday, 18 January 2014

Maximo Park Beer

What is it with those Maximo Park lads and beer? Not so much about drinking it, more about having it.

Back in 2007 they were awarded their own label on Newcastle Brown Ale bottles, making it Maximo Brown Ale for a short time. Paul Smith is in the centre of the label doing his famous scissor kick. Paul even wrote a blog for The Guardian about it. He starts off by saying he's not a Geordie and, technically, he's not. He's from Billingham which is about 25 miles or so away from Newcastle and it's the site of the famous Billingham Forum that included an ice rink. My dad took us skating there once many years ago when I was about 10 and that's the only time I've ever been to Billingham. I've just googled the Forum and I'm pleased to see that it's still there!

This time they've gone one better and not only have their own labels, they've got their own beer. It's described by Mordue Brewery in North Shields where it's brewed as "a slightly amber, 5% ABV, hoppy beer". I'm sure that'll mean something to connoisseurs of beer (I just drink it). It's to celebrate the Maximo's fifth album, 'Too Much Information' so they went for 5% ABV and it's called Maximo Number 5. It's nice to see the artwork for the beer reflecting the design of the record cover. It'll be available to try on their tour to promote the album which is released on 3 February. I shall have to try it.

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