Saturday, 19 October 2013

Linda Thompson - 'Won't Be Long Now'

Do you remember that, ages ago in 2009, I blogged about supporting the planned new album from Linda Thompson? Then it went quiet. For years. Then suddenly she and the album were on the radar again? Back in August I got the download (and have been listening to it ever since) and last week the physical copy of the record dropped through my letter box.

It became generally available this week and here is the video for the title track written for her by son, Teddy Thompson, and with additional vocals by her daughter, Kami Thompson. Linda's only in the video in photographic form but that's ok.

My copy of the CD booklet is signed by Linda in red ink. Inside the booklet, on the credits page, I get name-checked as a donor who helped Linda make the record. It's an honour. I've supported the creation of a few records but this is the only one in which I get my name included in the credits. In my eyes that makes me a record producer (well, sort of).

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Philip moynagh said...

Same here, got my name in the credits. It is a stunning piece of work, I think the best of her solo records.