Tuesday, 9 August 2016

'Barbu' by Cirque Alfonse at Wonderground

A few weeks ago I went to the circus at Wonderground on the Southbank - Cirque Alfonse has returned with their new show, 'Barbu'. And it is amazing!

Yes, beardy bloke wears a glitter ball while playing inside a giant hula hoop and yes, they do come on in their black M&S pants (and bras for the women) towards the end of the show. They do actually wear clothes as well.

I was grinning from start to finish, two rows back from the stage and safe from any potential audience participation in the middle of the row. And on they came whizzing about on roller skates, moving on to strong-man scenes, twirling ribbons, strong man scenes (how on earth do they do that?), multiple juggling and so much more. It's a fast-paced show that quickly moves from one scene to the next all powered by the original music from the threesome band who join in some of the antics.

I can't start to wonder how many bruises they all got - and probably still get - as they created ad practiced these scenes. Careering round the small stage on skates and throwing things - and each other - around must be a nightmare to get right but, on the night, it is great entertainment and quite thrilling to watch.  It's also tiring to watch - non-stop movement  including throwing a full keg of beer around before breaching it to see it spurt into the air! I admit to wondering whether he ever lost his hold on it and it shot into the audience to flatten someone...

And beardy bloke in his giant hoop - what's that about? How on earth can he keep upright, especially wearing a glitter ball? But he does. Round and round that small stage, using the hoop in different ways and being thoroughly entertaining! I loved the show and would recommend you see it if you can - you won't see anything else like it.

Well done lads and lasses, you were marvellous and I look forward to your next show. Keep the beards, they suit you!

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